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Have you ever wanted clothing that was in the form of art while also saving the plant?!

Em was inspired by current media today and its effect on the fashion industry and our Earth. The name is inspired by the creator and designer, Emelie. Em is a San Diego based brand since 2020 trying to spread the use of upcycled and repurposed clothes that have another chance at life. The purpose is for the youth to be able to wear a piece of art as well as remain on trend with their timeless article of clothing.

We strive to have sustainable clothing using upcycled pieces from thrift and vintage stores, adding a little bit of history to each piece we create! Meaning no two pairs can be alike!

Em ranges from many different styles, however the main focus is trousers and the millions of ways you could transform them into something eye-catching.

Each piece is carefully handmade with love. We hope all our customers are satisfied with the finished products we create! We believe creativity should be something you are able to wear, and we did just that! do not be afraid to try something new and add a new piece to spice up your wardrobe today!

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